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#fundchat Launches New Online Community

In June 2011, I was looking to connect with other nonprofit professionals on social media. So I launched #fundchat, a weekly conversation on Twitter for people who work for a nonprofit in either a fundraising or marketing capacity. Over five years and hundreds of chats, a happy little community came together around #fundchat. It became… Read More »

How Nonprofits Can Harness The Power of Online Communities

Click here for the transcript! This week’s #fundchat is inspired by a recent article in the Chronicle of Philanthropy called, “Click, Click, Cash?” part of a special report called “Unleash The Future.” One of the most intriguing elements of their coverage is the notion that nonprofits need to harness the power of online communities in… Read More »

Generation C: The YouTube Generation

Click here for the full transcript. Forget Generation Y. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Generation “C.” The C stands for connected. According to a Mashable article: “The C stands for “connected,” and the group comprises Americans between 18 and 34 — who are defined by their digital connectivity, Nielsen and NM Incite’s U.S. Digital Consumer Report says.… Read More »

Social Media & Ethics in Fundraising

Transcript is available. Click here! You finally got your organization to start using social media on a regular basis. However, this openness of sharing online may have given you too much information and now puts you and your nonprofit in an ethical conundrum. What do you do? Join #fundchat to discuss how simple tools like… Read More »

What Can Fundraisers Learn From The Ice Bucket Challenge?

Click here for the transcript! You’d have to be living under a rock to miss the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This viral fundraising effort has caused a surge of donations to the ALSA and has raised considerable visibility about the disease, as people from celebritites, politicians, high-powered CEOs, family, friends, and neighbors have joined the… Read More »

Is Content Marketing Right For Your Nonprofit?

Click here for the transcript! If you are disillusioned by traditional marketing tactics, then it might be time to explore “content marketing,” the idea that creating and distributing good content is the best and most effective way to gain traction for your cause, while earning the trust of prospective donors and strengthening the respect from your… Read More »