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Effective Altruism vs. Traditional Charity

Click here for the transcript! Despite all of the talk about the nonprofits having to demonstrate the “direct impact” of philanthropic gifts, William Schambra’s research has found that “only 3 percent of donors give based on the relative performance of charities.” In addition, “Among those [donors] who do research, only 24% regard outcomes as the… Read More »

This Week’s #fundchat – Making The Ask

Click here to review the transcript. As Joe Garecht says, “Making an ask is the penultimate act of a development professional. It’s the final step of what is often a long process, complete with identifying and cultivating prospects, doing research, getting people involved, and planning the final approach. “ Unfortunately for many fundraisers, making the ask is… Read More »

Crying Over Thank You Letters

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen this tweet: I cried a little bit today as all the thank you letters under $500 went from being hand signed w/ notes (by me) to a pre-printed CEO sig. — Beth Ann Locke (@FundraiserBeth) July 10, 2013 For me, that really was a giant… Read More »

A Lesson On Donor Centered Fundraising From ‘A Miracle on 34th Street’

There is a lot of talk about being donor-centered in fundraising, but just how donor-centered are you really? Do you really look to do what is best for the donor or what is best for you and your organization? Let me offer a scenario that you might run into in your fundraising career (or may have… Read More »

The Elusive Search For ‘Big Donors’

So many nonprofit leaders come to me searching for “big donors.” They seem to think that there’s a pool of donors pining around at some cocktail party, wondering where they can give all the wealth they’ve amassed! When I ask them why they want “big donors,” they tell me that want: Funding Financial stability Less… Read More »

How The Next Generation of Philanthropists Can (Actually) Save The World

The world of philanthropy is abuzz about the emergence of a new generation of “change makers.” These social entrepreneurs generally share the following characteristics: they were born around 1990, are fashionably hip, usually anointed as “social media gurus” by the tech elite, and more often than not, are sitting on a pile of cash (typically… Read More »