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Working the Room: Getting the ‘Right’ People

In my last post, I offered some practical tips on ensuring that your nonprofit events maximize donor, volunteer, and prospect relationships and help move them forward (and how to deal with challenges here). But much of this work can start even earlier:  at the invitation stage. What typically happens for an event is that we… Read More »

Overcoming The Challenges Of ‘Working The Room’

Recently I’ve been talking about Working the Room – how to get the most out of donor relationships during event. Then I wrote a post about getting the right people to the event. The posts outlined practical steps about how fundraisers, board, and staff can focus on the donors and not the event. As fundraisers, we… Read More »

How to Build Relationships with Your Donors Using LinkedIn

In June, I gave a talk to the Kitsap Development Officers Group in Poulsbo, Washington, about how I used LinkedIn when working with major donors. (Thanks to Chris Davenport for the invitation!) There is lots of chatter all around about how social media can help with fundraising. Fundraising still works the “tried and true” way, by building authentic connections. For me, social… Read More »

10/5 #fundchat: Professional Development for Fundraisers: How to Elevate Your Game

Everywhere you look these days there are a ton of professional development opportunities for fundraisers and other colleagues engaged in nonprofit work. There are the formal, like conferences, webinars, and workshops. There are the informal, like tweetups, tweet chats (like #fundchat!) and social networking sites that have a bent toward careers and networking. Technology has… Read More »

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Fundraiser: Making A Career In The Nonprofit World

After a long weekend, I was reminded by @fundraisinisfun and @FundraiserBeth that I was slacking for this week’s #fundchat. So, the topic for our July 6th #fundchat is, “When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Fundraiser: Making A Career in the Nonprofit World.” I have to thank @dan_blakemore for the topic idea…when I… Read More »

#fundchat Transcript – Policies Aren’t Sexy, But They’re Critical to Fundraising Success

Great #fundchat last night! Thanks to all who participated. Not surprisingly, the nonprofit fundraising professionals in attendance geeked out over gift acceptance policies, acknowledgements, gift-in-kind appraisals and much more! The topic was: Policies Aren’t Sexy, But They’re Critical to Fundraising Success. Over the course of an hour, about 12 participants answered seven questions in all. The… Read More »

New #fundchat Group on LinkedIn for Career Networking

Always an optimist, I’ve just launched a LinkedIn group for the participants (and followers) of #fundchat. The goal is to create a place for fundraising and development professionals to connect outside of the Twitter chat and to extend their discussion and connections beyond the hour of hashing out a particular topic. Career networking is a… Read More »