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6 Tips To Avoid Common Grant Application Mistakes

As grant professionals and fundraisers we are always working to improve our success ratio, write a stronger application, and build better relationships with our funders. While keeping you attention on best practices when completing your grant applications, it is still possible to overlook some small, yet common and easy-to-address mistakes. I facilitated a panel at… Read More »

Seven Qualities of Excellent Grant Proposals

There are literally dozens of books and articles (okay, perhaps hundreds) written about how to write excellent grant proposals.  They walk you through the technical components of the application: need statement, SMART goals and objectives, budget narratives, and the rest. They deal with the more precise aspects of the grant writing process. Understanding and mastering… Read More »

Best Practices in Nonprofit Challenge Grants

Transcript now available! Click here. According to Wikipedia, challenge grants have the following benefits for nonprofits as well as donors: Spotlight the recipient organization and provide an endorsement from a well-known entity. Help other donors feel that their money goes farther. Enable the recipient to honor and reward the entity that issued the challenge grant.… Read More »