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#fundchat Launches New Online Community

In June 2011, I was looking to connect with other nonprofit professionals on social media. So I launched #fundchat, a weekly conversation on Twitter for people who work for a nonprofit in either a fundraising or marketing capacity. Over five years and hundreds of chats, a happy little community came together around #fundchat. It became… Read More »

The Best of #fundchat 2013

Wow, what a year! I have to say that 2013 surpassed any expectations I had for the growth and success of #fundchat. I call our tribe, “the little community that could,” made up of an amazing assortment of nonprofit fundraisers and marketing professionals.  And you rocked it. We have had terrific conversations all year long… Read More »

Taking Stock of Our First Year

Posted by Brendan Kinney Moderator of #fundchat One year ago, I set up a Twitter account for #fundchat, sent out a bunch of tweets promoting a conversation about social media fundraising, sat by my computer at the appointed hour, and waited. Would anyone show up? Can I participate and moderate at the same time? Would people… Read More »

Planned Giving: Moving Beyond the Basics

Updated (11/10/11, 7:06 a.m.) Chat stats and transcript now available here. For many nonprofits, planned giving is a check box on a return envelope, a “legacy” society, and if you are lucky, a regular printed newsletter. For many more organizations, having a planned giving program is an idea that is just too complicated to even… Read More »

#fundchat Webinar – Young Professionals: Cultivating the Next Generation of Donors

View the webinar slide deck: click here. #fundchat Transcript Now Available: Young Professionals: Cultivating the Next Generation of Donors We are extremely pleased to announce the inaugural #fundchat webinar, titled “Young Professionals: Cultivating the Next Generation of Donors.” Join the #fundchat community and Layne Gray, founder of Vivanista, on Tuesday, Nov. 1 at 4 p.m.… Read More »

Round-up of Questions by the #fundchat Community about CFRE

We feature our #fundchat community (again) this week, in the fact that they supplied the questions for this week’s topic: To CFRE or not to CFRE, That is the Question.” I think it will be an engaging conversation about the benefits of CFRE, continuing education and professional development. You can see our earlier post about… Read More »

8/24 #fundchat: “To CFRE, or not to CFRE, that is the Question”

Many professional fundraisers seek out CFRE certification as a way to increase their credibility, knowledge and their marketability in the nonprofit world. Learn more about CFRE International here. Are you contemplating CFRE certification? Or have you already received certification? We want to hear from both of you during this week’s #fundchat. But first, we need your ideas… Read More »