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The Art of Donor Stewardship

Click here to view the transcript! Our annual homage to donors is the topic for this week’s #fundchat! Every year around Valentine’s Day we dedicate a chat specifically to the art of what is known in fundraiser parlance as “donor stewardship.”  The ways in which we interact with and treat donors throughout their journey as a supporter has… Read More »

Donor Stewardship: More than a ‘Thank You’

“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.” – Henri Frederic Amiel, 19th century philosopher and poet “Those of us who make planned gifts do not expect, nor do we want, lavish thank-you presents or excessive recognition. However, we do want to… Read More »

Can Thank You Letters Contain An Ask And Still Show #DonorLove?

A thank you letter to a donor can certainly contain an ask for another gift along with a response envelope. However, should it? NO!! This is not just my opinion. Penelope Burk, author of Donor-Centered Fundraising, also feels that a thank-you letter should be a demonstration of appreciation and not another solicitation.

Let’s Fall In #DonorLove

February is a time to think more about how you show your #DonorLove! I back this effort 100%! You may know from previous posts, I’m a big fan of appreciation. (I’ve made it my 2014 Resolution and I’ve written about Giving Thanks.) And I’m a big fan of sharing experiences and expertise in our profession… Read More »

Steward Your Donors With Stories – #DonorLove

I’ve been writing and thinking a lot about storytelling lately. Partially because of my upcoming storytelling workshop in Vancouver and also because of The Storytelling Challenge survey that’s happening. But I thought that I would take a slightly different angle this week and consider the relationship building capacity of storytelling.

This Week’s #fundchat – Being Authentic: How To Make Every Donor Feel Special

Click here for the transcript! This week, it’s all about #DonorLove at #fundchat, and we’re celebrating #DonorLove Day with a special edition of #fundchat that is all about making your donors feel appreciated and valued. Join the #fundchat community on Wednesday, Feb. 12 from 12-1 pm EST for, “Being Authentic: How To Make Every Donor… Read More »

A #DonorLove Lesson From A Fortune Cookie?

Have you ever had a Thai fortune cookie? Until recently, I never even knew they existed. Over the years, I’ve eaten more than my share of Chinese fortune cookies. However, I had never experienced the Thai variety. Before anyone comments below, let me just say that I’m completely aware that Chinese fortune cookies are not really… Read More »