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Getting More From Your Smaller Donors

It’s a new year – 2014 is here and the battle to raise sustainable support for your organization begins anew. Some development departments and professionals are planning annual fundraising events, researching grant opportunities, and performing other tasks to help them reach their budgetary goals. Others are looking at investing in the newest technologies to reach more… Read More »

Delivering More Gratitude Than Expected

2014 has arrived. I’m not a big “make a resolution list” person. I think it’s better to evaluate all through the year. But what I do like to do is think about what was good about last year and dream about the New Year ahead. What do I hope to accomplish? Where will I go?… Read More »

A Lesson On Donor Centered Fundraising From ‘A Miracle on 34th Street’

There is a lot of talk about being donor-centered in fundraising, but just how donor-centered are you really? Do you really look to do what is best for the donor or what is best for you and your organization? Let me offer a scenario that you might run into in your fundraising career (or may have… Read More »

6 Ways To Raise More Money Without New Donors

If you achieve your fundraising goal this year, your reward will likely be an increased goal next year. At most nonprofit organizations, the struggle to raise ever-increasing amounts of money never ends. This drives many nonprofits into a continuous donor-acquisition mode. However, you don’t need a single new donor to raise more money. Given that… Read More »

Is Your Service To Donors Good, Bad, or “Hero?”

I woke up one day to two emails that got me thinking about how we, as fundraisers, work with donors and prospects. The first was from Chris Brogan (@ChrisBrogan). I enjoy reflecting on this ideas as they all begin with relationships, which I know are the at the root of every interaction. Chris started out with the model… Read More »

Just How “Donor Centered” Is Your Organization?

The transcript is now available. Click here. Celebrated fundraising pro Penelope Burk is a champion of a donor centered approach to fundraising that puts the donor squarely in the middle of every practice, procedure, and process. Many nonprofit leaders, inspired by Burk’s message, proudly proclaim that from now on, their organization is “donor centered.” But as… Read More »