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Communicating With Younger Donors

    Click here to review the transcript! As nonprofits prepare for the future generations of philanthropists, they need to do a complete audit of their communications bag of tricks. What worked for the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers won’t necessarily work for younger donors, very distinct generations who have new and different expectations and… Read More »

Is Content Marketing Right For Your Nonprofit?

Click here for the transcript! If you are disillusioned by traditional marketing tactics, then it might be time to explore “content marketing,” the idea that creating and distributing good content is the best and most effective way to gain traction for your cause, while earning the trust of prospective donors and strengthening the respect from your… Read More »

Tired Of Your Nonprofit’s Story? Good!

One of the biggest mistakes I see nonprofit leaders and boards make is changing the messaging when they get bored with it. Fundraising happens after you get bored Unfortunately, we tend to get bored with our message/look/brand/logo/wording long before our donors do. And we should. Our nonprofit is the center of our universe. But our… Read More »

Crying Over Thank You Letters

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen this tweet: I cried a little bit today as all the thank you letters under $500 went from being hand signed w/ notes (by me) to a pre-printed CEO sig. — Beth Ann Locke (@FundraiserBeth) July 10, 2013 For me, that really was a giant… Read More »

6 Ways To Improve Your Nonprofit’s Marketing & PR Efforts

Your nonprofit’s good work won’t speak for itself. Maybe you take a quiet satisfaction in a job well done.  Good for you!  But if you’re the only one who knows what a great job your organization did, you’re cheating yourself. Who will volunteer for your organization if they don’t know what it does? Who will… Read More »