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#fundchat Launches New Online Community

In June 2011, I was looking to connect with other nonprofit professionals on social media. So I launched #fundchat, a weekly conversation on Twitter for people who work for a nonprofit in either a fundraising or marketing capacity. Over five years and hundreds of chats, a happy little community came together around #fundchat. It became… Read More »

Are You A ‘Certified’ Fundraising Professional?

Transcript now available – click here. The moderators of #grantchat and #fundchat are teaming up to focus on career advancement and the value of being a “certified” fundraising professional. On Tuesday, September 23 from 12-1 p.m. EST, follow the #grantchat hashtag on Twitter to participate in the conversation. You can preview their question line-up here. Then, on… Read More »

Moving Up Without Moving Out

Transcript now available! Click here. It’s said that the average tenure of a fundraiser is 2 years before moving on to another mission-driven organization. But that next employer might see “job hopping” on a resume and think: “red flag. ” So does moving up always have to mean moving out? Are there ways to advance… Read More »