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Strategies For Wooing New Donors

Transcript now available! Click here. Take our poll! Vote now for the type of donor acquisition that you think is the most effective. Did you know that fundraising is “back?” An article out today on the Chronicle of Philanthropy website details that gains that philanthropic giving is making after a precipitous fall during the most recent… Read More »

Lybunts & Sybunts: Segmenting Your Way To Direct Mail Success

Join the #fundchat community on Wednesday, Feb. 26, from 12-1 p.m. EST for, “Lybunts & Sybunts: Segmenting Your Way To Direct Mail Success.” We’ll delve into the issue, share ideas, tips, and experiences that might help inform your efforts. Here is this week’s question line-up (we post a question every 10 mins. during a chat):… Read More »

The Elusive Search For ‘Big Donors’

So many nonprofit leaders come to me searching for “big donors.” They seem to think that there’s a pool of donors pining around at some cocktail party, wondering where they can give all the wealth they’ve amassed! When I ask them why they want “big donors,” they tell me that want: Funding Financial stability Less… Read More »

6 Ways To Raise More Money Without New Donors

If you achieve your fundraising goal this year, your reward will likely be an increased goal next year. At most nonprofit organizations, the struggle to raise ever-increasing amounts of money never ends. This drives many nonprofits into a continuous donor-acquisition mode. However, you don’t need a single new donor to raise more money. Given that… Read More »

8 Ways To Improve Your Fundraising Letters

Here’s what I know about writing good fundraising letters: You can practice and study for years. And still feel like you’re only scratching the surface. There’s always something new to try, because we’re always learning something new. So perfection will always be out of reach. But don’t let the perfect get in the way of… Read More »

Fundraisers, Fix Your Thank You Letters!

When I first started working in development, I felt comfortable around data and record-keeping. It felt neat and orderly. You plug the numbers in correctly and you get the right results. You spell people’s names right and they don’t call and yell at you. Simple, really. I learned to write appeal letters. Hesitantly at first. But… Read More »