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Emotional Intelligence: Why It Matters to Great Fundraisers

Do you ever wonder what distinguishes a great fundraiser from a good one? Emotional Intelligence is part of it. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships. EQ is an important competency for fundraisers because:

Overcoming The Challenges Of ‘Working The Room’

Recently I’ve been talking about Working the Room – how to get the most out of donor relationships during event. Then I wrote a post about getting the right people to the event. The posts outlined practical steps about how fundraisers, board, and staff can focus on the donors and not the event. As fundraisers, we… Read More »

Tired Of Your Nonprofit’s Story? Good!

One of the biggest mistakes I see nonprofit leaders and boards make is changing the messaging when they get bored with it. Fundraising happens after you get bored Unfortunately, we tend to get bored with our message/look/brand/logo/wording long before our donors do. And we should. Our nonprofit is the center of our universe. But our… Read More »

Getting More From Your Smaller Donors

It’s a new year – 2014 is here and the battle to raise sustainable support for your organization begins anew. Some development departments and professionals are planning annual fundraising events, researching grant opportunities, and performing other tasks to help them reach their budgetary goals. Others are looking at investing in the newest technologies to reach more… Read More »

The Elusive Search For ‘Big Donors’

So many nonprofit leaders come to me searching for “big donors.” They seem to think that there’s a pool of donors pining around at some cocktail party, wondering where they can give all the wealth they’ve amassed! When I ask them why they want “big donors,” they tell me that want: Funding Financial stability Less… Read More »