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Are You Bothering Your Donors Or Inspiring Them?

“Let’s not send too many emails. We don’t want to turn them off.” Why are so many fundraisers  deathly afraid that they’re “bothering” their donors? Make it meaningful. It’s less a question of frequency and more one of content and relevance. When someone receives your letter or email, are you one more thing to get done in… Read More »

Don’t Let Your Donations Get Lost in the Mail

My beloved brother Ron Fischman died in October 2014. Our family asked that donations in Ron’s memory go to an organization he had supported. We gave out the organization’s website and its mailing address. But only the online donations went through. The mailing address we found on the website was wrong. Now before you wonder… Read More »

Lybunts & Sybunts: Segmenting Your Way To Direct Mail Success

Join the #fundchat community on Wednesday, Feb. 26, from 12-1 p.m. EST for, “Lybunts & Sybunts: Segmenting Your Way To Direct Mail Success.” We’ll delve into the issue, share ideas, tips, and experiences that might help inform your efforts. Here is this week’s question line-up (we post a question every 10 mins. during a chat):… Read More »

Tired Of Your Nonprofit’s Story? Good!

One of the biggest mistakes I see nonprofit leaders and boards make is changing the messaging when they get bored with it. Fundraising happens after you get bored Unfortunately, we tend to get bored with our message/look/brand/logo/wording long before our donors do. And we should. Our nonprofit is the center of our universe. But our… Read More »

For More Effective Fundraising Appeals, Avoid The ‘Royal We’

Do you see a lot of fundraising appeals that feature the “royal we” in your mailbox? “XYZ has been successfully helping [poor, hungry, sick] people for more than 30 years. During that time, we have [blah, blah, blah]. We have been recognized by Charity Navigator for our excellent finances. We have been celebrated by our… Read More »