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Don’t Be Alarmed, I’m A Prospect Researcher

Dear Prospective Donor, I’m guessing you probably haven’t heard of me, so let me introduce myself: I am a prospect researcher. I work closely with development staff and volunteers to secure transformational gifts that will help move the dial on the cause and mission of my organization. And in so doing, I help fundraisers better understand… Read More »

Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts By Slaying “The Data Dragon”

For many nonprofits, the data they have about their donors is a hindrance rather than a help to their overall development strategy and individual efforts. At the 2013 AFP-NNE Annual Conference held in Portland, Maine, Chris Bicknell of Little Green Light, Kathy Howrigan of Marts & Lundy, and Brendan Kinney of Vermont Public Radio (and… Read More »

Turning the Tables: When Prospects Research Your Organization

You’re a prospective donor. You’ve spoken extensively with your advisor about the state of your finances. Your financial outlook is in great shape. But you’re getting older. You can’t take your dollars with you. You see need in your community. Part of prudent planning is to give some back. Draw up a philanthropic plan, you’re… Read More »