Social Media Success for Special Events

By | April 14, 2016

Social Media Success for Special Events

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Want tips on how to leverage social media to build on the success of your special events? Curious about strategies before, during, and after events to maximize communication potential, build buzz, raise funds and steward donors?

Then “tune-in” from 12-1 p.m. EDT on April 20 when Lisa Chmiola, CFRE and Josh Hirsch take over moderating duties for this special edition of #fundchat! Fresh off their #sm4events presentation at the AFP International Conference, they’ll lead discussion on which social media tools are best for event strategy, and take your questions and comments on how to make the most of your social presence for your events.

Guest Moderators

Lisa M. Chmiola, CFRE (@houdatlisa) has nearly 15 years’ development experience, and has been involved in philanthropic social media strategies since 2009. She’s built on her education in journalism and public relations and used this communication background to help tell the stories of nonprofit supporters. Lisa has also served in many social media volunteer capacities, including the Houston Marathon Ambassadors and the AFPeeps.

Josh Hirsch (@JoshHirsch1) has worked in the nonprofit sector since 2006 with a focus on educational philanthropy. He has an extensive background in social media, digital communications, and marketing along with experience in grants, individual giving, special event planning, stewardship and cultivation of donors. Josh is a member of the AFPeeps.

Guiding Questions

A new question will be posted every 10 minutes during the chat to keep the discussion flowing:

  • Q1 What is your go-to platform or app for your organization’s special events?
  • Q2 How do you engage supporters prior to your event?
  • Q3 How do you use social media during your event?
  • Q4 How about after the event? How are you engaging supporters on social media?
  • Q5 What is the biggest challenge to implementing social media use into your event?
  • Q6 (Bonus) Brag about a social media success related to your event…

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About #fundchat

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