Crisis of Confidence: How Should Wounded Warrior Project Respond?

By | February 9, 2016

Wounded Warrior Project Crisis

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A Crisis of Confidence

Becoming headline news for all the wrong reasons is at the top of the list for nonprofit nightmares come true. A crisis of confidence has enveloped the Wounded Warrior Project coming under intense scrutiny after news stories questioned its spending habits and how donations are being used to support the mission of the nonprofit. The crisis has dominated the headlines and now nonprofit leaders are calling for the Project to respond quickly and directly to the accusations. An effective response could help assuage donors and protect the work of the Project. To not meet this challenge could have serious implications for its future and possibly shake the confidence of donors everywhere.

Join the #fundchat community on Wednesday, Feb. 10, from 12-1 pm EST for, “Crisis of Confidence: How Should Wounded Warrior Project Respond?” You’ll have an opportunity to share your advice on how best to respond, what communications could help, and what steps the charity could take to address this crisis. Share your expertise and experiences in crisis management, what worked for you and what backfired.

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Guiding Questions

The following questions will guide the discussion. One will be posted every 10 minutes during the chat:

  • Q1 What advice would you give @wwp (or any nonprofit) facing a PR crisis?
  • Q2 Generally speaking, who should “be out in front” on a PR crisis, the CEO, board, spokesperson, or other?
  • Q3 How would you prioritize communications in the face of a PR crisis: staff, donors, the media, or the general public?
  • Q4 What is your take on bringing in an outside firm to help handle a difficult PR situation?
  • Q5 Does bad publicity hurt the nonprofit sector overall? Is there a ripple effect?

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