Should Your Nonprofit Pull The Plug On Social Media?

By | January 25, 2016

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A few years ago, an intern or Millennial staffer at your nonprofit was tasked with “creating a social media presence” for your nonprofit. They signed up for Twitter, uploaded a profile picture for your Facebook page, started a group on LinkedIn, posted some photos on Instagram, and (what the heck) got everything up and running on Pinterest.

Since then, you’ve chugged a long, regularly updating, posting, and sharing. But as the platforms have evolved and new services have been introduced (Snapchat anyone?) it’s time for a check-up. Inspired by Nonprofit Tech for Good’s article, “4 Signs Your Nonprofit Should Quit A Social Network,” we’ll discuss whether or not the promise of social media is paying off.Join the #fundchat community on Wednesday, January 27 from 12-1 p.m. EST for “Should Your Nonprofit Pull The Plug On Social Media?” During this hour-long discussion on Twitter, we’ll wrestle with this topic and invite you to share your experience.

Here’s what you can do to ensure a successful #fundchat:

  • Share this post with your social networks! Invite your colleagues to join the conversation.
  • Suggest questions that we should ask during the chat to guide the discussion (use the comments section below).
  • Review the question line-up for the discussion. We typically post these guiding questions the morning of the chat.
  • Participate in the conversation. Don’t forget to follow and use the hashtag. You can also use our live discussion page.

Guiding Questions

We’ll post a guiding question every 10 minutes during the chat:

  • Q1What’s the purpose of social media for YOUR organization? (via @DennisFischman)
  • Q2 How is social media managed for your nonprofit?
  • Q3 True or false: social media is a key aspect of our fundraising efforts.
  • Q4 What social media platform has worked best for your nonprofit and why?
  • Q5 What social media platform has not worked for your nonprofit and why?
  • BONUS: What social media platform will your nonprofit experiment with next?

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  1. Dennis Fischman

    I’d suggest this question:

    What’s the purpose of social media for YOUR organization? (for example, learning more about your supporters, strengthening ties with your donors so they’ll renew their gifts, getting people to take part in your advocacy efforts, or…?)

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