Let’s Put The ‘Fun’ Back In Fundraising

By | March 28, 2014

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The topic of fundraising can be so dead serious. It’s time to lighten things up and talk about how to put the “fun” back in fundraising! This week’s #fundchat topic comes courtesy of Preeti Gill (@Preeti_Things)

So join the #fundchat community on Wednesday, April 2, from 12-1 p.m. EST for “Let’s Put The ‘Fun’ Back In Fundraising.” Share your tips, ideas, and advice for adding a little levity to your appeals and outreach. Given the nature of the many needs our nonprofits serve, it can be a tricky balance.

Here’s how you can help prep for this week’s edition of #fundchat:

  1. Share this post with your social networks! Invite your colleagues to join the conversation.
  2. Suggest questions that we should ask during the chat to guide the discussion (use the comments section below).
  3. Review the question line-up for the discussion. We typically post these guiding questions the morning of the chat.
  4. Participate in the conversation. Don’t forget to follow and use the hashtag. You can also use our live discussion page.

Here is this week’s question line-up:

  • Q1 Why are we fundraisers so serious anyway?
  • Q2 What are some ways to make fundraising events more fun AND memorable?
  • Q3 Do you need “permission” to add humor to your efforts? Make the argument…go!
  • Q4 Can humor (funny) play a role in your fundraising efforts? How do you walk that fine line?
  • Q5 How critical is organizational culture to infusing more fun into your fundraising?

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