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By | February 10, 2014


Every nonprofit organization has one: the most loyal supporter. The person who gives as often as she can, or as often as you ask. The one who volunteers for all your events and brings her friends. You’d like a thousand like that. You’d like to clone her.

What if you could?

Businesses have time-tested strategies that create loyal customers. Some of these strategies work especially well on social media. Nonprofits can adapt and adopt these strategies to build loyalty among our donors, volunteers, and supporters.

Danny Maloney, CEO of the social media firm Tailwind, lists “4 Ways to Turn Social-Media Fans Into Raving, Loyal Customers”:

  1. Use a targeted approach.  Find the people who are already talking about you on Facebook, Twitter, and the web at large.
  2. Let your fans know you’re listening.  “If they took the time to share a blog post you wrote or to give you a positive review, be listening for it and thank them.”
  3. Target your special offers.  Businesses give loyalty discounts.  What can you give your most loyal supporters that they would enjoy: a chance to write for your blog? lunch with a celebrity who also supports you? an award?
  4. Curate compelling content.  That’s jargon for finding and sharing information that interests your supporters.  It could be an insider analysis of where their favorite legislation stands in Congress. It could be a video that explains the issue you and they both care about.

Sharing this content with your most loyal supporters makes them feel smarter and happier because they’re associated with you. It keeps them coming back. And it keeps them advocating for your organization, increasing awareness of you among their friends…who may become your next most loyal supporters.


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Passionate about social change, Dennis Fischman helps nonprofit organizations tell their stories and win the support they need. As a consultant, he leads you to develop your communications strategy, attracts supporters for you through content marketing, and helps you manage your blog and social media. Dennis has guest posted on the John Haydon blog, Social Media Game Plan, and the B-Cause blog for nonprofit executives in Australia. He is an Associate at Cause and Effective. Read more of his advice on his Communicate! blog and follow him on Twitter @DennisFischman.

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