The Ideal Thank You Letter Went Out Today!

By | December 31, 2013

The ideal thank you letter went out today #fundchat

I have seen the ideal appeal letter this season. But I haven’t yet seen the ideal thank you letter.

But it went out today. Did you send it?

If you wrote the ideal thank you letter, you:

  • Called me by name.
  • Confirmed how much I gave you.
  • Told me how my gift would make a difference.
  • Illustrated my impact with a story.  (Not the one you told me to persuade me to give. Another story. You have more than one, right?)
  • Included a photo or image to make my impact real.
  • Told me about how else I can help: by volunteering, or liking you on Facebook, or spreading the word to my friends…or, yes, making another donation.
  • Signed it by hand, and wrote something just for me.

Most important: it’s the ideal thank you letter because it went out today.

The sooner you acknowledge my gift, the more likely I am to remember it, and give again. Within 24 hours of your receiving my check is ideal. Within a week is acceptable. But no matter how long it’s been, don’t put it off any longer.

Send that thank you letter today.

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4 thoughts on “The Ideal Thank You Letter Went Out Today!

  1. tonymartignetti

    Simple and executable, thanks! The link to “Another story” is also very good.

    1. Dennis Fischman

      Thanks, Tony. Yes, if I could get nonprofits to change one thing, it would be to be on the lookout for stories and accompanying photos all the time.

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