Raise Your Professional Profile With LinkedIn Groups

By | December 6, 2013

Some of the most popular posts on the #fundchat blog have to do with LinkedIn. The first is Beth Ann Locke’s article, “How to Build Relationships with Your Donors Using LinkedIn.” And the second most popular is “LinkedIn for Fundraisers: Your Donors Are Watching,” by Brock Warner.

Nonprofit professionals certainly see LinkedIn as a powerful new tool in both making connections with others who work in the sector, as well as with current and potential donors (yes, it’s a great research tool as well!).

I came across the infographic below which beautifully illustrates one of the best ways to – quite literally – raise your profile on LinkedIn: participate in LinkedIn Groups. Here’s just one stat that should get your attention: the profiles of LinkedIn users who participate in Groups are viewed 4x as much as other users who do not.

Pardon the shameless self-promotion, but you should check out the #fundchat Group on LinkedIn. With nearly 500 nonprofit fundraising and marketing professionals, it’s a great way to increase your connections with others in the field and also participate in some great discussions.


One thought on “Raise Your Professional Profile With LinkedIn Groups

  1. Beth Ann Locke

    We still work the tried and true way – building relationships – but social media tools like LinkedIn offer new ways to create a handshake.

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