What’s the Cure for Donor Fatigue?

By | March 12, 2013

Drowing in AppealsThe transcript is now available!

To hear some fundraisers tell it, there’s an epidemic spreading like wildfire across the country. It strikes without warning and is indiscriminate, attacking small and large organizations alike. It’s called: “Donor Fatigue.”

There are many thoughtful prescriptions about how to treat it. There are some who are adamant that it can be avoided. And then there are some who don’t believe it actually exists; it’s just a big hoax.

Join the #fundchat community on Wednesday, March 13 from 12 – 1 pm EDT for “What’s the Cure for Donor Fatigue?” During the hour-long Twitter chat, participants will discuss a series of five questions. You can nominate questions by offering them in the comments section below. Typically, you’ll find the final line-up of questions posted here a few hours before the chat. You can also help spread the word by sharing this post with your social networks.

To hear some fundraisers tell it, there’s an epidemic
spreading like wildfire across the country.

Here’s this week’s line-up of questions for discussion:

  • Q1 How do you define donor fatigue? (Some say it isn’t real!)
  • Q2 Is”over-solicitation” to blame for donor fatigue, or is it more than that?
  • Q3 Does social media hurt or help with donor fatigue?
  • Q4 Are donors fatigued or are you just boring them? (via @johnlepp)
  • Q5 If we have the power to cure donor fatigue, what’s the first thing you can do…now?

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