Nonprofit Tech: Pin Down Your Pinterest Strategy

By | March 13, 2012

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Another day, another fancy social network. How can nonprofits possibly keep up with it?

Many nonprofit fundraisers’ interest has been piqued with Pinterest, either because they can’t stop using the new platform themselves or because they see the audience numbers and want to be part of the latest Internet buzz.

But, how should nonprofits use Pinterest? What are best practices on this emerging platform and how do you fit it onto your organization’s priority list when you can barely keep up with Facebook, Twitter Google+ and more?

Join #fundchat on Wednesday, March 14 at 12 p.m. EDT for “Nonprofit Tech: Pin Down Your Pinterest Strategy.” This hour-long discussion will be organized around five top questions, with participants chiming in with their tips and ideas for effectively using this new tool to interact with donors and supporters. It’s easy to join the conversation. Simply follow the hashtag, “#fundchat” on Twitter or use our Twebevent page.

We have an added bonus this week: Tony Martignetti of Nonprofit Radio will be following our conversation as he and his guest, Scott Koegler, the editor of Nonprofit Technology News, as they prepare for a segment on the Friday that will focus on Pinterest. You can follow Tony on Twitter at @TonyMartignetti and Scott at @scottkoegler. Tony has a quick survey up on his website about public speaking and Pinterest –

For quick introduction, check out Mashable’s guide for nonprofits using Pinterest here.

This week’s questions:

Q1 Is your org interested in experimenting with Pinterest? Why or why not?
Q2 What about Pinterest might appeal to your donors/supporters?
Q3 Pinterest is a visual tool. How can your org use it if you don’t have many visuals?
Q4 What are your primary social media tools and what role could Pinterest play?
Q5 What nonprofits are using Pinterest effectively (maybe it’s you?). What’s working or not?

#fundchat is a weekly conversation on Twitter where experts from across the U.S. (and even the world) share, advise, and even consult on topics related to nonprofit fundraising and marketing. Joining #fundchat is a snap. All you need to do is follow the hashtag (#fundchat!) during 12 – 1 pm EDT to see the conversation in action. When chiming in, be sure to include the hashtag in your tweet. If you are new, you should also check out our participation guidelines.

Many #fundchat members use Twebevent or Tweetchat to participate. It’s a web-based interface that automatically streams the conversation in chronological order and automatically includes the hashtag in your messages. You can find the #fundchat Twebevent page here.

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  2. BrendanKinney

    What questions should we ask during tomorrow’s conversation on #fundchat about Pinterest?

  3. lpena

    What’s the point?
    Why bother?
    Is it just another fad?
    How can it help charities?
    How can (if at all) be integrated among other strategies for donor engagement?
    How to get the most out of it?

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