Don’t Let Your Donations Get Lost in the Mail

My beloved brother Ron Fischman died in October 2014. Our family asked that donations in Ron’s memory go to an organization he had supported. We gave out the organization’s website and its mailing address. But only the online donations went through. The mailing address we found on the website was wrong. Now before you wonder… Read More »

The Value of Being Grant Professional Certified (GPC)

Recently, when #fundchat and #grantchat teamed up to talk about professional certifications for nonprofit fundraisers/grant professionals, as always with both communities, a thoughtful dialogue transpired. As a Grant Professional Certified (GPC) through the Grant Professionals Certification Institute, I  find I am often in the minority within the #fundchat community since much of the discussion talks… Read More »

How To Create An Effective Nonprofit Volunteer Program

Click here for the transcript! Establishing a volunteer program for your nonprofit can have an enormous impact on everything from fundraising to delivering on your organization’s mission. But that’s easier said than done. It’s relatively easy to create one or two volunteer experiences that is meaningful, but how do you maintain a program over months… Read More »

Fundraising Metrics, Data, & Stats (Oh My!)

 We’re hosting #fundchat from the annual Blackbaud users’ conference being held in Nashville (check out the hashtag #bbcon to follow the action). And of course, a major focus of the conference is fundraising metrics, data, statistics, analytics, and the technology that can help us better track and analyze it all. Join the #fundchat community on… Read More »

Are You A ‘Certified’ Fundraising Professional?

Transcript now available – click here. The moderators of #grantchat and #fundchat are teaming up to focus on career advancement and the value of being a “certified” fundraising professional. On Tuesday, September 23 from 12-1 p.m. EST, follow the #grantchat hashtag on Twitter to participate in the conversation. You can preview their question line-up here. Then, on… Read More »

Nonprofit Sponsorships 101

Transcript now available! Click here. For many nonprofits, sponsorships are something that falls to the bottom of the list. There’s usually not enough time, resources, or expertise to focus on them. After all, corporate sponsorships feel more like “selling” than the heart-on-the-sleeve mission-driven work of your noble nonprofit! But done right, corporate sponsorships can become a… Read More »