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The Top 10 Things That Drive Fundraisers Crazy

Click here for the full transcript! If you don’t already follow Fundraising Grrl, stop what you’re doing right now and visit this website curated by @RoryJMGreen. It’s full of animated GIFs, poking fun at the trials and tribulations of nonprofit fundraisers. It’s a place I can go to commiserate about that things that drive fundraisers crazy. Here’s… Read More »

The Art of Donor Stewardship

Click here to view the transcript! Our annual homage to donors is the topic for this week’s #fundchat! Every year around Valentine’s Day we dedicate a chat specifically to the art of what is known in fundraiser parlance as “donor stewardship.”  The ways in which we interact with and treat donors throughout their journey as a supporter has… Read More »

How To Recruit A Powerful Fundraising Committee

Click here to review the transcript! For any successful fundraising effort, an effective, powerful, and dedicated fundraising committee is essential. It’s not to say that fundraising campaigns can’t be successful without a hard-working committee; but without one, you could spend a lot of time spinning your wheels and ultimately, fall short of your goal. When it… Read More »

Fundraising Resolutions For 2015

Click here for the full transcript. It’s that time of year again: a time to reflect on the year that is coming to a close, and to make resolutions for the year ahead…your fundraising resolutions, that is. Join the #fundchat community on Wednesday, December 17 from 12 – 1 pm EST for “Fundraising Resolutions For… Read More »

Have Corporations Hijacked #GivingTuesday?

Click here to view the transcript. The results are still being tallied, but by most accounts, #GivingTuesday met or exceeded expectations. It was hard to miss the fact that this year, corporate partnerships had greater visibility. Which lead some to question, “Have corporations hijacked #GivingTuesday?” In an article titled, “Selfish Charity: Down With #GivingTuesday,” Hamilton Nolan… Read More »

Don’t Let Your Donations Get Lost in the Mail

My beloved brother Ron Fischman died in October 2014. Our family asked that donations in Ron’s memory go to an organization he had supported. We gave out the organization’s website and its mailing address. But only the online donations went through. The mailing address we found on the website was wrong. Now before you wonder… Read More »