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The Next ‘Big Thing’ In Fundraising: Stewardship

Click here to review the transcript! There’s always the next big thing. But sometimes the thing that matter most is staring you right in the face. It’s not sexy, it’s not shiny…it’s stewardship. In our quest for the magic bullet that will solve all of our funding woes, we often overlook the importance of the [...]

This Week’s #fundchat – Making The Ask

Click here to review the transcript. As Joe Garecht says, “Making an ask is the penultimate act of a development professional. It’s the final step of what is often a long process, complete with identifying and cultivating prospects, doing research, getting people involved, and planning the final approach. “ Unfortunately for many fundraisers, making the ask is [...]

Is Content Marketing Right For Your Nonprofit?

Click here for the transcript! If you are disillusioned by traditional marketing tactics, then it might be time to explore “content marketing,” the idea that creating and distributing good content is the best and most effective way to gain traction for your cause, while earning the trust of prospective donors and strengthening the respect from your [...]

Strategies For Wooing New Donors

Transcript now available! Click here. Take our poll! Vote now for the type of donor acquisition that you think is the most effective. Did you know that fundraising is “back?” An article out today on the Chronicle of Philanthropy website details that gains that philanthropic giving is making after a precipitous fall during the most recent [...]

Prospect Research: The Value Profile

  #174597458 / gettyimages.com I get excited when fundraisers present at Prospect Research conferences. Here’s a chance to hear from folks on the front lines to get a sense of what kind of research is critical to build relationships and secure gifts. Here’s an opportunity for some mutual patting on the back for doing good, [...]

#fundchat Launches A Tumblr

This week, #fundchat launched a Tumblr. No, no, no…it’s not a replacement for the fundchat.org website! All of the great resources and details of upcoming chats will continue to live here. Starting today, we are going to start sharing tidbits of #fundchat that you can easily access on your smartphone or using a plain ‘ol [...]

#fundchat – Millennials Are Crucial To Future Of Nonprofits

Transcript Now Available! Click here. The stereotype around the Millennial generation is well established: entitled, unable to focus, lazy, delusional, bratty…should I continue? And among nonprofit leaders and fundraisers, there’s a lot of hand-wringing about “those Millennials.” Luckily, there are ongoing efforts to better understand and connect with this up-and-coming influential generation, and with good [...]