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Generation C: The YouTube Generation

Click here for the full transcript. Forget Generation Y. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Generation “C.” The C stands for connected. According to a Mashable article: “The C stands for “connected,” and the group comprises Americans between 18 and 34 — who are defined by their digital connectivity, Nielsen and NM Incite’s U.S. Digital Consumer Report says.… Read More »

Communicating With Younger Donors

    Click here to review the transcript! As nonprofits prepare for the future generations of philanthropists, they need to do a complete audit of their communications bag of tricks. What worked for the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers won’t necessarily work for younger donors, very distinct generations who have new and different expectations and… Read More »

Social Media & Ethics in Fundraising

Transcript is available. Click here! You finally got your organization to start using social media on a regular basis. However, this openness of sharing online may have given you too much information and now puts you and your nonprofit in an ethical conundrum. What do you do? Join #fundchat to discuss how simple tools like… Read More »

Your Nonprofit’s Future Depends on Today’s $10 Donor

Click here to review the transcript! In partnership with the Shineman Foundation, this week’s #fundchat is all about the future. That is, if you believe the future success of your nonprofit is dependent on today’s smallest donors in your fundraising universe. When you are staring down your fundraising goals for the month, quarter, or year, it’s… Read More »

The Art of Donor Stewardship

Click here to view the transcript! Our annual homage to donors is the topic for this week’s #fundchat! Every year around Valentine’s Day we dedicate a chat specifically to the art of what is known in fundraiser parlance as “donor stewardship.”  The ways in which we interact with and treat donors throughout their journey as a supporter has… Read More »